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Welcome to the PMADesk. We are Chicago’s premier social network company. If you are visiting us for the first time, then you are most likely looking to see HOW social networking can help your business. We won’t go into statistics to catch your attention. We’re sure you have read enough statistics to make your head spin on how social networking works and helps businesses. The bottom line is this; We will save you money, make you money, and do it all without making your business more complicated.


Latest Testimonials

Charles Everett, Charlotte, North Carolina Area
“Recently I started working with Carl Doppler, CEO of PMA Desk (PMADesk.com) to promote my business (Send Out Cards) via social networking. Carl and his staff designed my logo and developed a landing page built and branded my entire social network all with in a few days.I am looking forward to a very prosperous relationship with Carl and his PMA Desk staff.”

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Claude Vilfort, Owner, Strongcity Technology Solutions
“Carl & his staff at PMADesk have been very effective with helping Strongcity Technology market our services through Social Media Networking. He was able to help us identify and make connections with solid prospects. I look forward to working with Carl on our future marketing projects and would highly recommend his services to those looking to develop a successful online marketing presence.”

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What’s New?

“Our Facebook Explosion package will help you leverage the rising power of Facebook to drive customer interaction, brand awareness, and drive . Ask us today about the Facebook Explosion package!”